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when i started this little project i was neck-deep in thesis-writing, and spent equal amounts of time doing ecotourism research and looking at food blogs, thinking of yummies to make for my housemates and friends.

currently, the background is a bit different- thesis is long-gone, so are the housemates-  but i am still always scouring the blogworld for inspiration and recipes.  i have about 20 blogs that i read regularly (see list on the right side), and i have made it a project to find more blogs to read- to get evermore inspiration and make evermore yummies.

these are some cool new-to-me food blogs:

typing while eating: terry hope romero, of vegan cupcake and vegan cookie fame, has a blog. i have no idea how i missed this one.  she has a new solo book coming out too- Vegan Recipes for Latin Food Lovers.

cardamom and cast iron: all about ‘adventures in a vegan kitchen-‘ a cute food blog, with lots of good recipes.

one lucky duck: beautiful raw food and body stuffs

the spunky coconut: not all the recipes on this cute food blog are vegan, but it is gluten, sugar, and grain free, and she makes up beautiful recipes for lots of food allergies.  i am so stoked to try the vanilla bean cake- it looks yummy like no other!

bitchin’ vegan kitchen: this site has a broad range of recipes, from the very sweet and very hearty to light and simple.

just the food: creative and hearty vegan dishes.  she is co-author with celine steen of 500 vegan recipes

nom! nom! nom!:  maybe the cutest blog ever.  they are growing chickpeas… so adorable

Eco-vegan gal: vegan food, tips, health and cuteness abound here too.  food and eco-groovy stuff

vegan piggy: a food experiment by a cute couple

little house of veggies: just found this one today…. straightforward and simple recipes that look totally yum.

sweet beet and green bean: lean, mean vegan cuisine.  need i say more… these recipes look so awesome.

manifest: vegan: lots of good lookin recipes and helpful info.  adorable-ness all around makes for a great site.

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