new food to love

it seems impossible that i have lived without these yummy food products for so long.

these are some of my new food loves:

from their site!

coconut butter: i think there are only a few companies making this decadent treat, and i have only seen this brand locally. notably different than coconut oil, which i always rave about, coconut butter is a totally raw coconut meat spread, with a texture reminiscent of warm gooey peanut butter, but with all the full-fat and creaminess of coconut cream and oil.  i like it best on flax crackers or toasted bread, but it would also be a decadent dip for fruits or as a component of a creamy dressing (think coconut butter, lemon juice, shoyu, and black pepper over steamed greens).  my farmer-love also made a cold salad with steamed kabocha pumpkin and toasted cashews and tossed it with the coconut butter! so rich and yummy.

photo from their site!

cacao butter: this amazing treat, cold-processed oil from cacao beans, is the fatty component of most commercial chocolate bars.  i think navitas naturals is one of the few producers of organic raw cacao butter.  in this form it is completely solid bar (even in maui summer heat!) and is off-white in color; the smell emanating from my baking cabinet is pure bliss.  because it is so solid the butter is shaved off the bar and used that way.  it can also be melted down in a double boiler (or something similar, like a pyrex in hot water) and used that way.  i have only used it for raw treats; it makes a chocolate-nut mix exceptionally creamy and luscious.  i think that it can be used lots of other foods as well, and i am currently experimenting with with other uses.

zante currents:  these teeny fruits are actually not currents, but a type of raisin.  they are very tart and sweet, and i use them for everything! not only are they usually less expensive than raisins, there are no seeds and their small size makes them ideal for things like flax crackers and pilafs.  i toss them into scones, muffins, and inside rice/quinoa/wheatberry grain pilaf to add sweetness and a nice texture.  somehow they have infiltrated my everyday!

from their site!

smoked black tea:  this i found at a friends house and have been searching for it for weeks.  choice organic tea makes this ‘russian caravan’ pine-smoked black tea that is too good to pass up.  though i usually drink green jasmine tea i am now hooked on this smokey sweet black tea- with a bit of grade b maple syrup it is so very yummy.  think about how your gear and clothes smell like campfire when you return from a camping trip- that’s exactly what this sweet black tea tastes like!

flax crackers: i have written about them here too, but seriously, i cannot get enough of these yummy snacks.  this time we experimented with some pineapple puree in place of water alongside goji berries and the aforementioned zante currents, but it only marginally increased the sweetness.  i also mixed up some savory crackers with caraway seeds, black pepper, dried garlic, braggs and replaced the fruits with pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds.  definitely a winner!

fig yogurt: i never ate yogurt as a kid, and this finicky girl didn’t really give in until i was very sick in Indonesia.  i needed some pro-biotics and there were no supplements to be found, so i began to eat (imported Australian) yogurt nearly everyday.  though i am totally well now, every so often the craving strikes, and only this yogurt make me happy.  the greek gods fig yogurt is so crazy tasty- i think it is mostly the creamy sweet fig-on-the-bottom that has me in awe (how do they get figs to taste like that?!?), but the full-fat goodness of the sweet yogurt is pretty good too.  it always takes me a few days to eat the container, just a few nibbles at a time; and the little containers are not recyclable here so just cannot buy that much.

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