green abundance

this was a quick evening harvest from the farm yesterday… this is the first take home harvest from a newly planted field on my man’s farm.

in the bowl are collard greens bigger than your head, huge and lovely lacinato kale, green onions, dill, small cilantro, baby bok choi; not pictured are a bunch of pingpong sized red beets with pretty greens and a mini braising greens bunch (kale, mizuna, arugula, mustards).

* a tip for greens-lovers: if your greens look a bit wimpy and not-so-fresh, rinse them in cool water and trim the ends.  then store them in a big bowl of cold water and let them come back to life.  i’ve soaked greens for up to two days, and herbs up to about three days (depending on the weather, of course).  once they have come back to life, shake off the excess water and store in a roomy bag until you eat them.  this is especially important for leafy things that are often ‘shocked’ between the farm, packing/shipping and displays at stores or markets.

white pear tomatoes, i think...

and there are lots of tomatoes; neither of us love tomatoes so were are still not quite sure what to do with them all (drying, salsa, tomato sauce?).

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