review: vegan cookies invade!

i got me a copy of vegan cookies invade your cookie jar by the ever-so-darling isa chandra moskowitz and terry hope romero.  it is a follow-up (i guess) to their likewise adorable vegan cupcakes take over the world, which i have written about here and here.   i have been experimenting with some of the recipes for the past few weeks and have had mixed results, but overall the book gets mostly positive reviews… and more reviews will keep coming in as i pawn off evermore cookies to coworkers and family members!

coffeehouse hermits
i was so very excited about these cute little cookie bars, but it did not really fulfill my expectations. there is a huge typo in the book, so my first attempt led to much cursing and then, amazingly, a fluffy (if less-than-flavorful) gingerbread cake.  when made using the correct amount of brewed coffee (1/2 cup brewed coffee only, not two cups as printed in the book!) a tasty but not amazing dessert was created. it is a cross between a molasses cookie and gingerbread, and i make some mean versions of those desserts, so i was left yearning for either sticky and dense molasses and soft, fluffy gingerbread cake.  also, the directions say to use your hands to shape it, but dough was much too gooey to do that; i just used a spatula and formed them into somewhat log-shaped formations.

random note: originally i used the two cups of coffee, thinking the whole time “damn, this seems like a lot!”), resulting in a very runny dough.  so, i greased up my springform pan (9″ round), added 1 cup flour, 2 tsp baking soda, and some more cinnamon, and baked for about 45 minutes.  and it totally worked…. there was not too much flavor because the proportions were all wrong, so now there is a gingerbread cake sitting in my freezer awaiting some frosting or toppings.  or maybe i will just feed it to the chickens…

oatmeal raisin cookies
simple, lovely, moderately healthy: what is not to love about oatmeal raisin? these cookies do not disappoint- definitely a winner in the cookie world.  these are made with some basic (vegan) pantry staples and are easy to whip up in no time.  the brown sugar and spices really make these cookies work, and there is the added healthy bonus of ground flax;  i also used 1/4 cup whole wheat pastry flour to add some heartiness.  i did not get the two dozen i was supposed to, but whatever… i got 20 yummy cookies!

chocolate fudgy oatmeal cookies
yummies! these are an easy and soft, very chocolately cookie to whip up on a whim, with ingredients you usually have around. i used dried cherries in my cookies, which made for chewy sweet bits along with the oatmeal chocolate goodness.  pretty tasty! a note: do use your parchment paper, otherwise your baking sheet will steal all your cookie bottoms, especially with those sticky cherries in the dough…

lazy samoas
i did not love these cookies, and they did not look nearly as cute as the photo in the book.   the dough was much too sticky to scoop out in the specified tablespoon amount, and it was a bit difficult to get the cute little hole in the middle.  however, they baked up nicely and tasted pretty good.  i used regular shredded coconut, but it would be great to make it even smaller bits so that it would hold more shape.  at least i think so…

mocha mamas
i have a crush on these cookies too… their photo is too cute. and i have some coffee extract that i don’t have much use for.  these look nice and cakey too, which i like in a chocolate cookie.  and these are a good recipe to fulfill that craving.  these were easy to mix up and used pretty straightforward ingredients (i did have to walk to the store and get non-gmo cornstarch, but still….) and the dough handles well in your hands.  they came out a teeny bit dry after 11 minutes, so i would knock a few minutes off the oven time the next occasion i make them.

coming soon….

graham crackers!
homemade vegan graham crackers… sounds too good to be true…

roasted almond cookies with fleur de sel
there are lots of reasons to want to bake these cookies: i am very into salty-sweet right about now, i have never baked with brown rice syrup before (but it’s in the fridge!), and it made with a good amount of whole wheat pastry flour, healthy & hearty oats, and nice toasted almonds.

espresso chip oatmeal cookies:
cinnamon, espresso, a touch of cocoa and chocolate chips… yum! need to get my paws on some instant espresso powder asap!

whole wheat fig bars:
looks like extra yummy fig newtons, with whole wheat and homemade goodness to kick the pants off nabisco.

chocolate bottom macaroon cookies:
i’ve always made yummy macaroons, but traditionally with lots o’ egg whites. this recipe uses soft tofu as the binding ingredient, and i am anxious to try.

linzertorte thumbprint cookies:
this is a tasty looking hazelnut cookie filled with a traditional raspberry jam.  i will probably fill it with chocolate or something more decadent to go along with the fancy hazelnuts.

chocolately crinkle cookies:
this recipe calls for corn syrup, which totally freaks me out. they wrote that their testers had good results with brown rice syrup, so i am going to use that option in these pretty cookies.

2 thoughts on “review: vegan cookies invade!

  1. Awesome review – and thanks for going through each – I have a better idea of what to trial now. We really like the Cowboy Cookies – but I have since modified them a ton, and reduced the leavener a bit since we are at high altitude even on my original trial.

    The peanut butter blondies tasted really good (how can you go wrong with that much brown sugar?), but they were way too moist (they actually just fell apart when you tried to pick them up because they weren’t even cooked) and greasy. I think a little may have been high altitude issues (best to use less oil up here), but even so, I think the recipe needs a little adjustment.

    Now I must try those choc-oat fudgies!

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