raw goodies

this photo is from their site!

please look at this photo from the navitas naturals… doesn’t this raw chocolate cherry ‘cheesecake‘ look like the sexiest dessert ever?

even after days in the freezer the desserts are pretty as can be

ok… well i think it does and i have finally gotten around to making it.  i made a version of it using my cute little baking dishes and made mini raw cheesecakes.  and there was no cherry extract to be found, ditto for frozen cherries, so i used almond extract and no topping.   i loved soaking the cashews– i think it made all the difference; they were almost buttery after soaking for just a few hours.  all the ingredients went into the processor (even as a half batch i needed to do two rounds in the processor), and then added to the crust (which was actually leftover raw cacao-walnut-date goodies from a week ago).   the results! good but not amazing.  the texture is incredible: very creamy and nice chocolate level, but a little bit heavy.    the overall flavor profile is pretty good; initially the lemon was too dominant, but it faded as the desserts sat during the day and the days after.  but i would still want to substitute with herbal or black tea, coffee, or even just water, perhaps even orange juice or something that complements the chocolate in a more harmonious way.

the second little raw goodie i made was the carob walnut cookies from ani phyo’s raw dessert book.  they look totally appealing in the book, even combined with key lime cream.  results… i don’t think i like carob all that much. the flavor is kind of… off.  i want to like carob for its intrinsic goodness, its lovely carob-ness, but when i eat it all i think about is how good it would taste with chocolate instead!  i added some agave since i did not have the optional mesquite powder, and i added some orange peel instead.  but… carob is not it for me.

sesame and goji floated to the top, while the flax and buckwheat sank.

third raw thingy: flax- buckwheat breakfast toast, again from ani phyo’s dessert book.  this was my first attempt at making a flax-y cracker thing- which seems very popular with the raw foodie folks.  if one has a dehydrator, the process and the ingredients are quite simple: 1 cup flax, 2/3 cup sesame seeds, 1 cup buckwheat groats, 1/3 cup raisins, goji berries, a bit o’ salt, and 2 1/2 cups water.  that’s it… mix it all up and let it soak for about 20 minutes, then spread it on your (lined) tray and dehydrate for three hours, then flip and dehydrate for four hours more.  since i was not worried about the raw-ness, i increased the heat to about 135 degrees overnight (we were drying fruit as well) and i loved the crunchy texture of the crackers in the morning.  i didn’t score them as the recipe suggested, but just broke them into pieces, which looked much more DIY and cute.

crunchy raw yums

spread with a little coconut butter and it is creamy crunchy raw heaven.

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