so much mana!

three of my favorite things about moving to maui:

i got this photo from their site!

1. stunning wild open scenery, viewing molokai and lanai from my windows and doin a little bit of country livin (for now).
2. the abundance and variation of locally grown organics (sprouts! kales! squashes! salad greens! coffee! honey! eggs! pineapples!
3. mana foods! check out their blog here!

mana foods is, seriously, the best health food store on the planet.  somehow this relatively small and totally independent grocery store (with (raw) bakery, (raw) deli, bulk, and wicked good produce section) manages to have to best prices, the best selection, and best produce on the island… or anywhere.  really, ANYWHERE!

i wonder how long it will last....

for example, when i first arrived here, knowing that i would be settling in for awhile on the valley isle, i asked the friendly guy who was stocking groceries about purchasing coconut oil in bulk.  i was not directed to the manager or to the baking department, nor was it necessary to fill out myriad of forms to acquire my product.  it was literally right on the shelf.  one gallon of nutiva coconut oil! and it was on sale for $53! it is nearly the same price on the nutiva website, but shipping to hawaii is surely more than three dollars…

now really, have you ever been to a health food store, especially a teeny one on a supposedly small island, and found a gallon of coconut oil? not even whole foods can do that.  a note: it took me four months to empty this gallon of coconut oil.  the recipes including dozens of scones, muffins, cakes, dressings, and cooking adventures.  soon i will have to get another gallon!

i’ve been using coconut oil in almost everything now: cooking, baking, greasing baking pans, seasoning my cast iron pan (i’ve  switched to peanut oil for my cast iron pan because it can withstand higher heat than the coconut oil, which smokes easily).

i also use coconut oil for body stuff.  i use a mix of aloe vera gel and coconut oil as a face & body lotion, and a few times a week i use this nice little face or body scrub. i made this recipe after reading labels for those one-ounce containers of $30 scrubs which are made of just sugar and coconut oil.  this scrub is so easy, functional, and inexpensive!

i love the way it makes my skin look and feel!

warming face + body scrub

3 tbsp fine turbinado sugar
3 tbsp brown rice flour
2 tbsp coconut oil (solid or liquid)
1 tsp each warm spices (i used nutmeg + cinnamon + a pinch of cloves)

mix up the brown rice flour, sugar and spices, then add the coconut oil and mix. it will be crumbly at first, but the solid oil will disperse evenly within the dry ingredients. mix until all ingredients are evenly distributed, and keep in a cute little glass jar beside your sink; my last batch lasted a month. i use this on my face in the morning with some warm water, and then rinse with dr bronners soap.  the sugar and the flour maintain their ‘crunch’ for months, whether the oil is solid or liquid.

2 thoughts on “so much mana!

  1. I have yet to try coconut oil and there’s no excuse for it. I’m excited to try it and to try your body scrub recipe! I can’t get enough of your posts and listening to you talk about organic, locally grown food, recipes and baked goods. Write on, my little, happy Maui babe!

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