bakery manis is back… and moving!

it has been over two months since i last posted, but i am back in the kitchen and back online. after being promoted to full-time on the farm and then managing the farm for the past months, i watched my social and baking life slowing slip away, much to my dismay. however, i’ve left the farm and am moving on to other organic fields.

bakery manis is moving to maui!
i am uprooting from oahu and moving on to all sorts of new adventures on a new maui farm. though i will be on oahu for most of march (cooking and baking and throwing ladydinner parties for visiting ladies!), after that i will be on maui full-time. hopefully this little bloggy will have all sorts of new recipes and lots of gardening stories, because i am anxious to begin planting a foodgarden at the farmhouse, along with all the growing on the big farm.  i am stoked to begin writing again… and anxious about my new adventures that await….

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