ladydinner… mililani style

saturday night my friend hosted a ladydinner at her (huge & fancy) house in the central oahu ‘burbs known as mililani.  this ladydinner was the first time we townies had been to her new house AND a celebration of her engagement!   happy news all around! in a confession of my geekiness, i have to admit that i woke up very early on saturday morning, already thinking about all the goodies i wanted to make for the dinner.

with four ladies and one husband-to-be we cooked up an amazingly diverse and healthy vegan dinner!

besides the copious amounts of wine, there was grilled eggplant, portabella mushrooms, zucchini, onions, and peppers, a beautiful salad that we accidentally left in the fridge (sorry about that!), guac-a-salsa, brown rice, garlic bread, tempeh summer rolls with avocado and arugula and homemade peanut sauce, and i contributed pumpkin soup (made in my food processor!), mixed sauteed greens from my friend’s garden, coconut brownies and a sort-of vegan banana cream pie.

the pumpkin soup was a quick version of a delicious living recipe for pumpkin miso soup, the brownies are the recipe i posted last week, and the pie was kind of a disaster. the custard did not set, i bought expensive strawberries that i forgot at home, the crust was overbaked and stuck to the pan, but also got soggy from the soupy custard.  but we all sat with a spoon and just dug out the creamy pudding and bananas.  i am not even going to post the recipe because literally everything about it was a tasty failure.  i will work on the pie thing before thanksgiving!

quick pumpkin miso soup

one can o’ pumpkin
about 1/2 cup applesauce (mine was homemade)
about 1 cup roasted sweet potatoes
one or two shallots and some cloves of garlic, caramelized with some oil and sucanat/sugar
3 tbsp miso
2 cups of veggie broth or water
1 1/2 cups rice or soymilk
some salt, pepper, and whatever spices you love

throw it in your food processor (in batches if it’s very small like mine) and then warm the soup before serving. don’t cook the soup for too long because high temperatures kill all the good probiotics and living food energy in the miso; if you want it really hot then add the miso after you have cooked it a bit.

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