home grown goodness

I was fortunate enough to visit a farm today and came home with more veggies than I know what to do with… every time I go to a farm I learn about new vegetables, and today was no exception. Today’s new vegetable is mizuna, a spiky-leaved green of the brassica family (mustards, kales, collards, pak choi, etc). It is quite bitter, similar in flavor similar to older arugula.  I got some radish greens too… also fairly bitter but lively and bright (and totally cute with the little red radishes and bright green tops).

I took these veggies to my best friend’s house, and we had an impromptu bright and fresh ladydinner consisting of the mizuna, radish greens, and arugula wilted with coconut oil and tossed with rye berries (topped with tamari, tahini, and fresh-squeezed lime juice).  I also made a salad of mixed (mostly bitter greens) and lots of fresh shredded hand-picked carrots and heaps of fresh dill with some dressing.

Amazing food from an amazing farm, shared with an amazing friend. I feel totally zesty and light and happy!

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