harvest day

early morning greens harvest

early morning greens harvest

early today i harvested from my little garden again, both for my dinner this evening and for a friend whom i am meeting for tea today.  i want to surprise her with bags of greens, because i know she is the type of lady to appreciate home-grown organic veggies. i even have a photo to show… my sexy new phone takes pretty good photos- not perfect, but good enough. so finally, some photos back on bakerymanis!

the harvest included thai and sweet basil, arugula, two varieties of collards (vates and georgia), red russian kale, pak choi, purple choi sum, and some gai choi (a tangy and pretty, dark purple & green leaf that looks like hardy lettuce).  usually i simply toss the very well-washed mixed greens into the pan with a bit of coconut oil and wilt them down.  they are so vibrant and clean-tasting, they pair well with everything i’ve ever eaten.

there are many many things to love about gardening.  this is, literally, my everyday experience in the garden and out… i will let you draw your own nearly-cliche real-life connections here…

  1. There are ALWAYS new things to learn about (the first time I ever tasted gai choi and purple pak choi was from my own garden, and apparently I am growing turmeric- who knew? I thought it was a weed!)
  2. There are ALWAYS new failures to overcome (why will fennel and gobo never sprout? why does basil get spiders? why will the lima beans not flower?)
  3. Nearly all of the hard work that you put in takes weeks, if not longer, to manifest as something edible. I am slowly learning the skill known as Patience.
  4. The very Zen aspects of weeding (knowing that by pulling weeds i am actually spreading its seed and making more space for evermore weeds to grow, just so that I can weed again in a few weeks)
  5. Learning to tune into the sun, seasons (subtle though they may be), paying attention to the rain and wind and moon cycles.
  6. Knowing that getting really dirty is the only way to get things done.
  7. Eating and enjoying the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of what I alone have nurtured and grown.

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