twenty things: part two

it’s wednesday, so i am making a mofo list about my favorite food splurges, both at home and out & about.  these are definitely not the everyday foods on the previous list… these are things that i feel a bit guilty about buying because of the price or the decadence… some are not even that expensive… it’s just that thought of ‘do i really need this…?’  indeed, i do.


  1. coconut milk icecream
  2. raw cacao
  3. vanilla bean paste
  4. french green lentils
  5. organic coconut oil
  6. kombucha
  7. silk soy vanilla creamer
  8. ghiradelli hot chocolate mix
  9. field roast ‘sausages
  10. chocolove extra strong dark chocolate


  1. curry noodle and evil tofu @ chiang mai
  2. bbq seitan @ well bento
  3. hummus and baba and big beans @ olive tree
  4. acai @ diamond head health market
  5. soy latte @ glazers
  6. tom kha (coconutmilk lemongrass) soup @ phuket
  7. bamboo fungus @ little village
  8. gnocchi @ town
  9. pineapple salsa @ maui taco
  10. samosas @ govindas

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