smitten with field roast

i am not one for fake foods. but, i have a new crush and i just have to share it…

i am really totally wholesomely in love with field roast ‘sausages-‘ specifically the potato apple and sage ones.  my dear friend mego introduced them to me, and though i was skeptical… i am all about these yummy foods.  they beat the crap out of tofurky in both taste and texture, and there is only wheat gluten and spices/veggies, so no processed soy! but they are a bit expensive ($6.99 at WF in honolulu).  i got my little four pack and immediately stuck three in the freezer, determined to save them for a day that actually requires that much protein (26 grams per ‘sausage’)!

i will be the first to admit it: the fake meat thing is totally weird.  though i had long phased-out veggieburgers and chic patties, about a year ago i met tofurky, and was totally smitten (i met goddess dressing too, so it was kind of a menage a trois).  finally, easy sandwiches that actually filled me up!  quick protein to eat right after surfing!   this did not make me want turkey, rather it opened up my food repertoire to include sandwiches and wraps again.  i understand why most people tease me about tofurky, because i laugh at some of the weirdness that is offered now in the fake-meat world.  i found fake shrimp (really, the most awful looking product ever!), fake teriaki chicken, duck, and even fieldroast has a fake meatloaf- a whole meatloaf!  ewww.  meatloaf was my torture food when we were kids, as in… no one likes this except your father, but we all have to choke it down!

i have never missed meat, and i have never tried the fancy artisan sausages that these products are likely based upon.  why can’t the manufacturer give them a name besides sausage, and put them in something besides a sausage-shaped casing?  but i forgive thee, field roast, because these are so totally yummy.   and they are good just for goodness sakes (ha!), not because they are a replacement for anything else.

this is how i enjoyed them this evening:

garlic and black pepper brown rice and red quinoa, cooked in coconut oil
collard greens and napa cabbage, cut thinly, with some thai basil from le jardin, sauteed in coconut oil
‘sausages’ chopped into little circles, browned in coconut oil
the rice and veggies were kind of dry, so i made a quick dressing (just like mego would!) with tamari, a bit o’ calamansi juice, and more coconut oil (because really, one can never have enough medium-chain fatty acids… right?)

and lots of peppermint tea, to make up for the fact that silk soy creamer hurts my tummy, but it tastes so f’ing good with espresso!

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