ohmagawd: pro-life cupcake day?

Indeed, there is such a day, because apparently there is a need to scare children (those big and small) to bite into anti-choice rhetoric.  Please see this ruffle-your-feathers article at the bitch blog:

ickiness: anti-woman baked goods.

How did you celebrate Pro-Life Cupcake Day?

Many years of gender/women’s studies and life experience has taught me that everything is a feminist issue, and i don’t think that baking/cooking is any exception.

This strongly relates to my post earlier in the week about making conscious decisions about food- empowered decisions– we are able to fight back against a food-political system that is not interested in our holistic mind/body/spirit health.  In the same way that Planned Parenthood supports taking control of our sexual health as a means of making safe and healthy sexual decisions, is important for everyone to make empowered decisions regarding food choices. If we are able to bake/cook our own foods (for family or ourselves) we are taking control of our health, and thus not allowing large (honestly now, mostly male-dominated) corporations to determine what we eat.  I feel like food is often overlooked in feminist media (blogs, articles, books, etc) and that this is a huge disservice.  To me, being a proactive feminist is about striving for equality for all humans, including those who make, grow, and cook our food.  The burgeoning food movements (local-first, organic, regional, fair-trade, etc) reflect a growing sense of social justice that is missing from our current food system.

I was pushed to write this quickly after reading the bitch post, so maybe it is not articulated as clearly as I would like…  but what do other mofo folks have to say about this? i have posted a comment on bitch too so maybe we can get a bigger conversation going about the feminist food politics!

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