twenty things

it’s the first wednesday of vegan mofo, and i decided to follow a-k, indeed a very swell vegan, and make a list. but i have a more than a few ideas, so i then decided to make all mofo wednesdays about lists. i am sure i will always find myself overly busy on wednesdays, and today was no exception (working, errands, saving a friend locked out of her car, catching up on long-overdue emails, swimming, etc).

so i am giving myself at least one easy day for the month, while still meeting the mofo challenge!

twenty (almost) everyday foods

  1. tahini
  2. miso
  3. coffee
  4. tea (red and green)
  5. greens (collards, kale, pakchoi, etc.)
  6. chocolate
  7. coconut milk
  8. olive oil
  9. black pepper
  10. cardamon
  11. spelt
  12. bananas
  13. figs
  14. brown rice
  15. quinoa
  16. peppermint
  17. sesame oil
  18. lentils (brown, green or red)
  19. sweet potatoes
  20. calamansi

3 thoughts on “twenty things

    • oh gosh, i really do use it almost every day. it is serious comfort food for me. i got really into it when i was sick with intestinal parasites from indonesia; all i wanted to eat everyday was miso soup with noodles. thankfully now i am very healthy but still loving miso, both for its exceptional taste and super beneficial health properties. just remember to never cook miso, just add at the end of cooking (broths, soups, etc) because heat kills of the probiotics.

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