the little pumpkin that could

a pumpkin of one's own

a pumpkin of one's own

this lovely little pumpkin was a total garden surprise in many ways. firstly, the little sprout volunteered itself in the compost pile and it just would not die. it ended up growing about twenty feet and taking over the staircase at my old house. it produced some small pumpkins, but the star was this beautiful little fruit.

it was harvested in april, but the past few months have not really been pumpkin-eating weather. but autumn has arrived finally and i decided to finally cut into it. it is still lovely and fresh after sitting on the counter for almost six (hot and humid) months. how amazing is that?!

i will cook it for a ladydinner tonight. usually i simply quarter the pumpkin, scoop out the seeds and goo, then put it in a baking dish with some water, and bake at 400 degrees for about half hour. i think it will go quite well with bbq tempeh (that recipe is adapted from bbq tofu from VwaV).

and, there is another pumpkin on the new plant, and it is already nearly this size.  i expect harvest in a month or so…

5 thoughts on “the little pumpkin that could

    • it is all a trade off though- i can grow these cute little kabocha pumpkins but i cannot grow the big orange classic jack o’ lantern kind. and there are not fall apple harvests or fresh apple cider either… something that i miss every autumn.

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