thanks and giving

for her first veganmofo post, isa at the post punk kitchen wrote about thanking people more often, and wrote this: “On this, the first evening of VeganMoFo, how about figuring out who you could thank? Even if it’s for some silly reason.”

so i thought about all the people who have influenced my eating and kitchen habits, those who have positively and negatively affected my eating and food activism- how i know what i know and why i do what i do… this list is by no means comprehensive.

lisa: coconut oil
morgan: garden of herbs
casey: jars of dried beans
danny: kale
josie: quinoa and rooibos
mista rock: omnivore’s dilemma
aunt carole: my first box o’ tofu
mikey: eating everything i make
mego: soy-free eating, nana’s dumplings and strogonof, and those veggie sausages!
laura: coconut milk ice cream and sharing soy yogurt
steph and steve: gifting the cast iron pan
jeremy: chipotle
james: tea and teapots and teacups, and all that free wine
lauren: making me think wheat-free, having parties to plan for
town restaurant: polenta
wellbento: seitan
taylor: coffee, goddess, collards, bourbon, compost, pb & honey, tofurky, everything…

2 thoughts on “thanks and giving

  1. Happy my extensive list of food allergy issues made it into your blog! I am so grateful for all the yummy treats you whip up with such ease! I know that if I pop by to say hi, I will smell something delicious baking! So happy to have you as a neighbor/friend and my foodie friend! Can’t wait to inspire you into making more wheat free goodies !

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