aloha vegan mofo!

it’s the vegan month of food! this whole month of october is dedicated to vegan foods.  for a full list of participating blogs, check out cake maker to the stars.

basically, all of us in (mostly) vegan blog world will be dedicating a huge amount of time to writing about vegan foods.  i have been trying to plan ahead, but there will surely be days when i post about simple things (links, information, etc) and others when i am actually whipping stuff up in the kitchen to share here.

to celebrate this first day of veganmofo, i made cupcakes for lauren.  she is allergic to wheat and could not eat goodies i made a few days ago, so i decided to make her cupcakes with spelt. however, cupcakes are not meant to be made from spelt, so i made them into truffles!

i followed the Brooklyn brownie cupcake recipe from VCTOTW, but substituting spelt flour for ap flour is not a good thing.  spelt seems to work well for bread and muffins, but not… so far… for cookies and cupcakes.  tonight was no exception.  my friend jessi was at my house to witness the mess that came out of the oven, and we giggled and drank wine and ate chocolately crumbs from the muffin pan.  after staring at the bowl of crumbs for awhile, i squished all the very moist crumbs into one mass, rolled them into little balls, then covered them in melted chocolate and chilled them in the freezer.  solid chocolate outside, soft cake inside.  amazing!

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