smitten with french green lentils

One of the goals of this little blog project, aside from sharing my baking and cooking (mis)adventures, is to learn more about

pretty green lentils in my bamboo bowl

pretty green lentils in my bamboo bowl

food- both new foods and other ingredients that I might need to know more about, or ingredients that are a little bit unique.  Forthcoming posts will include information and ideas for (sea)salt, chia seeds, new grains, and other important foods from my pantry.  But for now: french green lentils.

Though I am always trying out new ingredients, these little french green lentils get the first spotlight because they are just the prettiest little things!   Lentils are part of the legume family, a good family for vegetarians and vegans because of they have lots of iron and a high protein content (third in line to soybeans and hempseeds, according to wikipedia).   I like cooking with lentils because they are faster than other beans, and generally do not require soaking like black beans or chickpeas.  Lentils can usually just be tossed into boiling water and will cook in about 10 minutes (for the tiny red lentils) to about a half hour (for the brown and green lentils).

Apparently there are everyday french green lentils…. and a special kind of green lentil that supposedly far surpasses the everyday kind, les lentils verte from Puy, France.   Si vous parlez francais, clic ici pour histoire de lentilles verte de puy.  In English, here a version of green lentil soup, and someone else to rhapsodize these lovely little legumes.

I was able to purchase my green lentils from bulk bins at our local co-op, encouraged to do so because I finally found a recipe that utilized thus type of lentils.  These lentils are a bit more pricey than the brown ones, but their flavor is more peppery and bright, and they are not as mushy.  The recipe I was going to use is from delicious living magazine, although i never actually got around to making it.  I cooked the lentils but something came up, so i just tossed them into a bowl with rice and veggies and enjoyed their loveliness that way.  Bob’s Red Mill makes a package of these lentils, but they are likely found in bulk bins in health food-type stores, or maybe at fancy markets.

I will continue to experiment with these little lentils and will be posting more recipes for these soon.

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