an interesting harvest

maybe the cutest harvest ever...

maybe the cutest harvest ever...

i take no credit for this little creature, but i definitely feel i should show it off.  the person who lived here previously, our dear friend jeremy, was rather haphazard regarding his gardening and when we moved in we took out quite a few invasive/ugly plants to make room for food plants. but we did leave these little pineapple plants to grow, and today we harvested two (one for us, one for the very plant-smart landscaper lady).  each of them are only about five inches tall!

pineapples are easily propogated by taking the leafy part from the top and sticking it back in the ground, much like sprouting a carrot top. our landscaper said that if you keep repeating the process you will end up with what she called a ‘bonsai pineapple-‘ a very tiny but edible pineapple about the size of a lime!  maybe the sprout from this one will be that small :)


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