hello to the blogworld

i spend a lot of my time looking through vegan baking blogs and have come to rely on my blogworld (fake) friends for inspiration and distraction, especially during my past few months of thesis writing. i have decided to start my own in order to document my baking creations and well as a space for my little baking business, also known as bakery manis. thus far i have a total of one cafe to bake for, and while this has been off to a rather slow start, i look forward to continuing with the business and creative (baking) process.

as far as the format of the blog, i am not quite sure yet, but since i am fairly active in the kitchen and the garden, i suppose most of the posts will revolve around these topics. today i made two cupcakes from the vegan cupcakes take over the world book with moderate success. the basic vanilla cupcake was okay but lacking serious vanilla flavor and tasting kind of… um, healthy. the mexican hot chocolate cupcakes were less-than-successful in the beauty contest, all caved-in and broad, but the taste was quite good; it definitely needs some adaption to be really stunning.

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