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What is Conscious Sexuality? 

A new way of relating to ourselves and others is possible when we rethink our approach to sex and pleasure. My approach to intimacy uses tools from mindfulness, Tantra, and yoga to expand communication, explore desires, and practice connection in a grounded, holistic way.


In service to your desires. 

Do you know what you want in your life and in your relationships? Do you know how to ask for it with your whole heart and your whole body? 



Explore Sexual Energy

Sexual energy is creative energy is get-stuff-done energy: cultivating pleasure practices and mindful erotic practices boosts your energy in every aspect of your life. 


Embodied Practices

Tapping into what we really want offers unlimited expansion and pleasure in our life, and through somatic (body-based) practices—breathwork, self-pleasure practices, mindful sexuality—we can uncover your deepest desires.


Clear Communication

Practice consent and conscious connection to deepen your intimate relationships—with yourself and others.


Sexual Wholeness.

What stories do we tell ourselves about pleasure and intimacy? 


Dive Deep: Sexual Stories

Many of us are running relationships on default mode—together we can explore the stories that shape us, and how to build a new narrative. 

Expand your Experience

What unconscious motivations drive you in your intimate life—and does that align with your true desires? Let’s explore and find you the intimacy you crave… and deserve.

This is deep work

… and I believe there is nothing more important than honoring our needs, desires, and wants.