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About me

How I got here.

For more than 10 years, I’ve been teaching cooking and wellness classes in Honolulu, and in recent years my personal work has been focused on conscious sexuality and Tantra. I am certified as a practitioner of Urban Tantra and a student of Somatic Sex Education. I believe that when we learn to trust our intuition—and really learn how to deeply nourish ourselves with food and pleasure, this puts us on a path to holistic wellness.

Deeper experiences; mindful pleasure

Things I practice. 

If you’re wondering what this type of work looks like in practice, here’s what it means for me (and what I help people discover within themselves): loving patience with ourselves, trusting of our own individual, healing journey. Boundary setting, consent-building, and communication practices with self and others. Slow, deep, intimate self-pleasure practices: breathing, mindful touch, sex magic. Deep, connected, open lovemaking focused on attention and intention. 



Upcoming sexual wellness workshops and events on Oahu, Hawaii.


Trainings, workshops, classes under my belt.


Ways to explore your own desires.

How to explore. 

Most of the work I do can be boiled down to two things: slowing down and paying attention. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing—eating, exercising, making love—if you slow down and pay attention it transforms how it feels to you (and others). Other tools in my toolbox include workbooks & journaling, mindfulness & meditation, body-based practices like breathwork and yoga, mindful erotic practices, and partnered exercises focused on connection and communication. Learn more about how we can work together here. I work with individuals and couples/partnerships of all sorts.